You’ve probably already heard about the endless benefits of essential oils, and how they work, but what about improving the quality of your life and how to use them as part of your daily routine?

These often scented aromatic compounds are more than what you may think. Whether you want to bring some balance into your life by improving your well-being or simply change up your cleaning products by having a more natural approach, these scented oils can work in all kinds of wonderful ways to incorporate into your daily life.


The power of the diffuser, one of the most advantageous ways to bring the life out of essential oils and really reap the therapeutic benefits.

Starting your morning by diffusing a blend of oils is the perfect way to relieve stress and give you that uplifting boost you need to start the day. Different essential oil blends have unique elements proving different effects, try the more sedative oils such as ylang-ylang, lavender and frankincense to relax before going to bed and experience the most restful sleep you’ve ever had. To pep you up for the day ahead peppermint and orange or spearmint and bergamot are both beautiful.


Stress relief, lack of sleep, anxiety and brain fog are all struggles that affect the lives of many, making it hard to concentrate at work and really get that brain stimulating. It’s now common for us today to reach for prescribed medicine from our GP to relieve our symptoms without first taking the more natural route that has been practised successfully for centuries in ancient traditions.

You’d be surprised by what the simple sniff of geranium oil can do for the mind. Once inhaled, those volatile molecules pass through the bloodstream which produces flow directly to the brain. A gentle sniff straight from the bottle or a small amount rubbed underneath your nose can truly work their magic. If you’re ever on the go and need some soothing, effective healing, essential oil containers are a great way to store them. Alternatively applying oils to diffuser jewellery is another great way to support your body system.

Topical Application

In aromatherapy, essential oils would commonly be massaged into different points of the body to release their healing power to the area that needs attention, whether it’s relieving pain, strengthening the immune system, improving mood and even to balance hormones.

The soles of the feet have been said to be a great alternative area to apply oils onto reflex points. This is due to their large pores compared to any other body part, which then allows blood to pass through more swiftly, its’ equally non-invasive and easy application area.  Massage onto the shoulders and back, with a few drops of carrier oil,  lavender, cedarwood and ylang-ylang to naturally assist in reducing tension and stress after a strenuous day.

Cleaning products

Essential oils have recently become very popular in the use of cleaning products as they contain all natural substances which have great antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. All cleaning products can be made in your home which is cost-effective and timely.

Buy yourself a glass spray bottle and mix together apple cider vinegar, water, lemon essential oil and castile soap for an easy and natural all-purpose cleaner! There are so many great recipes online for all different kinds of household products or we have recently released the Essentially Clean Home ‘Make & Create’ Recipe Book that is full of all natural recipes, hints and tips. This material comes with all the labels to adorn your bottles too.

Hopefully, now you have some inspiration about how to use essential oils in your daily life and add a more natural approach to your routine.