Restful Blend aims to create a soothing environment for you to unwind and relax. Restful Blend consists of calming oils such as Lavender, Canaga, Buddha Wood and Roman Chamomile which embodies soothing and calming properties. Its sweet, floral and soft woody aroma promotes positivity and relaxation. Restful Blend consoles individuals when they are feeling out of control, worried or overwhelmed.

Historical Uses: Ingredients like Lavender was used as a perfume, to make clothes and linen have a pleasant aroma, as an insect repellant and was the main ingredient for incense in ancient Egypt. It was also used as a mild sedative and to treat minor nerve-related issues like restlessness.


Wellness uses: Restful blend is used to create a restful environment after a long day when diffused. This blend can also help stabilise and quieten a troubled mind.


Emotional Uses: Restful blend encourages you to take life a day at a time. This will enable you to look within yourself and discover what is worth embracing and what is worth letting go of.


Safety: Keep out of reach of children under 3 years old.

How Can I use Restful Blend To Support:


Calm Mind

If you experience trouble quieting your mind and taking charge over your racing thoughts apply Restful Blend to temples, wrists, and back of neck to calm your mind and feel your thoughts settle.



Feel that you have way too much on your plate for a day's work? Can’t seem to figure out where to start? Roll Restful blend onto wrists and temples and plan your tasks in your journal for the following day. To this before you go to bed. why not wear on diffuser jewellery as well.



Apply 1-3 drops of Restful Blend over heart, on forehead or back of neck to allow the stabilising and reassuring power of Restful blend help you centre yourself. 


Argument Diffuser

Apply Restful Blend to temples and back of neck during a heated argument to ease contention. Allow Restful Blend to help you choose your battles.


Easy Sleeping

For an easier time falling asleep apply to bottoms of feet and back of neck 30 minutes before bedtime.


Tantrum Tamer - for kids

Keep your child calm with the combination of Restful Blend and a drop of Clary Sage. Apply over temples and neck to discourage outbursts.



To experience relief from allergies, apply a drop of Restful Blend over the bridge of nose and sinuses. Make sure to avoid the eyes.


Sleep and Insomnia

If you find that it is hard to fall asleep, hard to stay asleep or wake up too early and can not get back to sleep then roll Restful Blend to bottoms of feet and temples, or diffuse near bedside. Restful Blend has a calmative property that will encourage your brain to rest.


Insect Sting

Roll Restful Blend onto sting or bite until symptoms cease.


Cuts, Blisters and Scrapes

Roll on to affected areas for relief. Lavender Oil makes Restful Blend a great soother for Sunburn too. 



Sacral Chakra

Anoint the Sacral Chakra with Restful Blend l to gain clarity on what you want from a relationship, become authentic and honest. For more Chakra information, try our Chakra Rack card or MyMake brochure


Inner Sanctuary

Diffuse Restful Blend to create a peaceful sanctuary when you feel agitated.



Inhale Restful Blend to help centre your thoughts and bring you back to a state of relaxation.


Enjoy the moment

Find gratification within yourself with Restful Blend. When moments of dissatisfaction and restlessness arise, inhale Restful Blend to bring you back to gratitude in the current moment.


Perfect as you are

Allow Restful blend to deal with the perfectionist within. With Restful Blend you will learn to stop being hard on yourself and accept who you are. Simply inhale to remind yourself to be present, be gentle and be you.


  • Use together with your favourite diffusing jewellery to create a restful atmosphere towards bedtime.
  • Let go of worry by rolling this blend to your wrists after a long day.
  • Use Restful blend as a massage oil before bedtime to help you wind down before going to sleep.