Respiratory Blend promotes the feelings of clear airways. Filled with cooling and invigorating oils such as Peppermint, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Cardamom, Lemon, Ravensara and Laurel leaf, it aims to minimise the effects of seasonal threats. The properties produced by this blend are expectorant, antispasmodic, decongestant and antitussive. Respiratory Blend reminds you to exhale all that no longer serves you.

Historical uses: The Aboriginal, native to Australia, traditionally used tea tree oil as an antiseptic as well as a herbal medicine. They would crush the leaves and extract the oil which was then inhaled to treat colds and coughs. They also used it topically for healing the skin. 

Wellness uses: The power of the Respiratory Blend can help promote peaceful sleep, promote clear airways, support colds and flu's, relieve allergies and symptoms of asthma.

Emotional uses: Respiratory Blend encourages you to inhale the support and embrace that life has to offer, and exhale all that no longer serves you.

How can I use Breathe blend To Support:


Alleviate worrisome thoughts

Eucalyptus in this blend acts as an agent that clears and cleanses dense energy and alleviates worrisome thoughts. Inhale Respiratory Blend from the bottle whenever you feel distressed and worried.

Let go

Respiratory Blend lets nothing remain stagnant. It aims to nourish you, allow you to absorb what is meant for you and let you exhale what does not serve you. Diffuse Respiratory Blend in your space or during meditation. Feel yourself becoming enriched with gratitude as you make yourself receptive to all that lies in wait for you.

Feel Supported

Respiratory Blend supports you through the easy flowing and difficult times. It allows you to remember that you deserve every opportunity you need to just sit back and breathe. Diffuse 1-2 drops Respiratory Blend whenever you are in need of a quiet time.

Open Heart

Let Respiratory Blend help you to remain receptive to all the good that you deserve. Dilute 1-3 drops with a carrier oil of your choice and apply over the heart or chest. Why not apply to diffuser jewellery and wear throughout the day?


Respiratory Blend is here to comfort when you are distressed. All you have to do is place 2 drops into the palm of your hands and inhale to feel the weight of the world be lifted off of your shoulders. 



To experience relief from allergies, apply a drop of Respiratory Blend over the bridge of the nose and sinuses, to get instant relief. Be careful to avoid your eyes! Or add a few drops to a nasal inhaler and use when needed throughout the day. 

Cold and Flu

If you are suffering from seasonal colds or flu's, diffuse 5 drops, or apply with carrier oil over your chest to clear pathways and feel your chest ease up. You can also place in a sink of warm water, place a towel over your head and inhale. Why not try some recipes from the Aroma Inhalers MyMake to support you?


For relief from snoring throughout the night apply 1-2 drops of Respiratory Blend over the throat and bridge of the nose, avoiding eyes.


Inhale 2-4 drops from cupped hands, and apply diluted over the chest to ensure ease and comfort when suffering form a cough.

Tight Chest

Rub Respiratory Blend on your chest when you are experiencing difficulty breathing to clear up pathways.

Practical uses:

  • Respiratory Blend can be used when you are outdoors to help lessen the effects of seasonal threats.
  • Respiratory Blend can be used to create a quiet environment in times of rest.
  • Respiratory Blend can be inhaled from cupped hands or diffused in your space.