Blue Lotus, also known as a water lily, represents long life, health, prestige and good fortune. Blue Lotus is sourced from Asia with the ability to thrive excellently in high humidity, flowers during the day and closes up at night. Its floral, sweet and fresh fragrance makes Blue Lotus Touch ideal for use during a relaxing massage or to hydrate the skin leaving it looking radiant.

Plant Name: Nymphaea Caerulea 

Plant Family: Nymphaeaceae

Native Region: Northern Africa and parts of Asia

Properties: Calmative, Centering, Analgesic, Restorative 

Affirmation: I awaken into my soul mission.

Blends well with:  Magnolia Touch, Jasmine Touch, Neroli Touch, Rose Touch, Frankincense.

Safety: Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children.


Considered as the official plant of the sun god Ra, Egyptians used Blue Lotus flower as part of celebrations, which also includes the celebratory Blue Lotus wine.


Blue Lotus is used to bring the body to a state of calm and tranquil. It can be applied topically for a soothing effect.


Blue Lotus is an oil of rebirth. It encourages you to reach your highest potential.

How Blue Lotus Touch can Support:



Blue Lotus encourages you to speak your innermost thoughts and desires. It is most helpful to individuals who tend to shrink themselves because they don’t want to be seen. Roll Blue Lotus onto your temples, behind your ears and on your chest.


Self Aware

Confront uncomfortable feelings and identify your triggers with Blue Lotus. Apply onto your wrists and your temples. Blue Lotus prevents other people's views about you from shaping who you are becoming. Invest in your emotions with the Moments in the Light Card Deck.

Feel Centred

Bring calm to your busy mind and feel centred with Blue Lotus. Roll onto wrists and temples to centre the mind during your time of meditation.  



Slow down and unwind after a long day with Blue Lotus. Inhale aroma from the bottle and apply to wrists and behind the ears.


Emotional Mastery

Allow Blue Lotus to guide your emotions in pursuit of what your soul really yearns for. Roll over your heart(chest), the base of your skull and temples to open up yourself to guidance and emotional intelligence.



Sound Sleep

Find it challenging to fall asleep, or to even stay asleep throughout the night? Blue Lotus is here to help. Roll onto the temples, behind your eyes and on your neck and allow the calming properties of Blue Lotus to calm your nerves and welcome sleep.


Stress and Anxiety

Significantly lower levels of stress and anxiety by rolling onto your pulse points whilst meditating on positive thoughts. Learn how to regulate your emotions with essential oils with the help of our Naturally Supporting Anxiety.



For a well rested body, Roll Blue Lotus onto forehead, temples, base of skull and behind ear. You may also inhale from the bottle.


Pain Relief

Allow the soothing properties of Blue Lotus to assist in bringing relief by rolling onto areas of pain. 



Increase blood circulation with Blue Lotus. Blue Lotus relaxes your blood vessels, improving and increasing blood flow. Roll onto pulse points just before bedtime.




Connect more deeply with your origins among the stars, be awakened and rise above earthly circumstances. Combine Blue Lotus with black spruce, blue tansy, and jasmine.


Spiritual awakening

Find the light within you and become the beacon of light for those who are ignorant or still in a deep spiritual sleep. Inhale Blue Lotus and gain the courage to bring truth to earth, activating humanity as you go. (Extracted from the Gifts of the Essential Oils)


Allow Blue Lotus to connect you to the higher being whilst you commit the new day into the hands of the higher being and ask for blessings. Anoint across your body as you prepare for the day ahead.


Reignite Spiritual Connection

Anoint across your body with Blue Lotus to receive that magical top up when you feel spiritually weak or drained.


Heighten Your Meditation Experience

Ready to reach a new level of spirituality? Aromatically dress in Blue Lotus in preparation for your meditation or practice.