Yarrow Pom oil is a proprietary blend that consists of Yarrow essential oil and Pomegranate seed oil which makes it super soothing! The circulatory properties it contains promotes heart health and assists in strengthening the veins. The antispasmodic agent it possesses promotes the healing of cuts and wounds, burns and ulcers. spiritually, Yarrow Pom grants protection to the courageous warrior.

Plant name: Achillea Millefolium

Plant family: Asteraceae

Native Region: Native to Northern Asia, Europe and North America

Essential Oil Extraction: Steam Distillation

Properties: Antispasmodic, Carminative, Cicatrizing, Circulatory, Expectorant

Affirmation: By the grace of God, I am restored.

Blends well with: Lavender, Frankincense, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile and Clary Sage

Safety: Contraindicated with pregnancy and infants.


Yarrow Pom has been traditionally used to treat digestive issues, bring ease to menstrual cramps, pain and promote menstrual regulation.  The antispasmodic agent it possesses promotes the healing of cuts and wounds, burns and ulcers.



Today Yarrow Pom is used to treat eczema and skin irritations, regulate blood pressure, reduce inflammation and support the circulatory system.


Yarrow Pom soothes your spirits by making you feel protected. Yarrow Pom aims to protect you from negative influences that drain energy and strength.


How Yarrow Pom can Support:




Allow Yarrow Pom to bring you emotional balance. The regenerative properties of Yarrow Pom assist in balancing chemistry and increasing receptivity to positive influences. Diffuse 2-3 drops after a long day to centre your mind, body and soul. Why not try the Myspace portable USB Diffuser?



Feel protected and safe with Yarrow Pom. Simply rub 2-3 drops on your heart, wrists and behind your ears and welcome the warm embrace of Yarrow Pom. 



Open up to love and connection, becoming receptive to positive influences with Yarrow Pom. Diffuse 2-3 drops in your quiet to remember that you are deserving of all things good.


Create strong boundaries

Set strong boundaries with Yarrow Pom as it sets you up with the ability to discern light from dark. Diffuse 2-3 drops in your space to make the best decisions for you.



Yarrow Pom can assist in harmonising one’s energy system following crisis or trauma. Combine Yarrow Pom with a carrier oil and mindfully apply on your body from head to toe, speaking peace unto yourself. Keep your energy system in check throughout the day by applying 1-2 Yarrow pom to your Aroma Jewellery of choice.



High blood pressure

To help level your blood pressure, massage 2-4 drops of Yarrow Pom to wrists and bottoms of feet twice daily.


Skin irritation

Apply 1-2 drops Yarrow Pom, diluted to the affected area to soothe and ease inflammation. 


High cholesterol

Keep your cholesterol levels in check with Yarrow Pom. Use 2-4 drops under the tongue or in a veggie capsule 2x daily.


Hair strengthening oil

Mix 2 drops yarrow pom, 1 drop roman chamomile, 1 tsp Argan oil and massage hair from roots to tips. Leave it overnight and rinse in the morning.


Heart health

Allow the circulatory properties of Yarrow Pom to take care of your heart and help maintain a healthy condition. Rub 2-3 drops over your heart and wrists.




Anoint your heart with Yarrow Pom warding off any hindrances or energies that may be blocking your path or blocking you from seeing the truth. Apply 1-2 drops Yarrow Pom onto your Jacqueline: Howlite and Lava Bracelet Twin Set to keep negative energies away wherever you go as you wear it on your wrist.


Develop intuitive skills

Diffuse Yarrow Pom, Frankincense, Juniper Berry and Roman Chamomile in your space during meditation to gain insight of your innermost power and connect with divine guidance.



Yarrow Pom is the ultimate oil for balance and wants to teach you to live through the ups and downs of your life. Diffuse 1-2 drops in your quiet times and even during your busy times to keep a constant state of balance.


Connect to your guides

Combine Yarrow Pom, Blue Tansy and Hawaiian Sandalwood and gently massage your body as a ritual to shut out the physical, becoming receptive to the spiritual and summoning your guides to assist you in the next phase of spiritual evolution. (Extracted from Gifts of the Essential Oils)


Base chakra

Located at the base of your spinal cord, the base chakra can be anointed with   2-3 drops of  yarrow pom to give you a sense of protection and safety.