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This labels sheet complements I Am Fabulous: Blends for Emotional Wellness by Desiree Mangandog and contains 40 lid stickers with 8 varieties of the most used and favourite blend recipes. Use this sheet in conjunction with the I am Fabulous Favourite Blends Variety Labels.

Blend labels included on this sheet:

  • Release your Fears x 5
  • Bye Bye Baggage x 5
  • I Love Myself x 5
  • Soothe the Soul x 5
  • I am Free x 5
  • On My Path x 5
  • I am Fabulous! x 5
  • Manifestor's Blend x 5

Contents: 1 sheet of 40 die-cut lid stickers (8 varieties). Book, bottle and variety labels not included (for illustration purposes only)




I am Fabulous Favourite Blends Lid Stickers (sheet of 40)

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