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Single variety bottle labels to compliment the Essentially Balanced Emotions Make & Create book, Emotional Healing tear pad and the Emotional Healing rack cards. Available in single variety sheets containing 10 bottle labels and 10 cap stickers per sheet.

This label design has been created uniquely as multi use label that you can simply use a full size label on a roller bottle or spray bottle or on alternative sized bottles of your choice as you personalise and customise to your requirements. May be you wish to make a half sized bottle as a sample or up-cycle your old 5 & 15ml essential oil bottle by topping with a roller top or fine misting spray top. With our multi use labels you can trim according to the guide provided and use them to fit a variety of bottles - see the graphic above for illustration.


6 Designs available

  • Blossom
  • Freedom
  • Forgive
  • Happy
  • Peace
  • Release

Contents : 1 sheet of 10 bottle labels & bottle cap stickers (select variety above)




Essentially Balanced Emotions Bottle Labels - Sheets of 10 (6 varieties available)

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