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Essential oils have been used for centuries during pregnancy and childbirth. With appropriate dilution and use of their potent properties they can be a beneficial addition during the "birth, bump and beyond" stages of pregnancy.

This tear pad discusses natural support and what essential oils are, oil quality and how to use them. There's a section on supplements during pregnancy and the importance of nutritional foundations.

On the reverse we look at supporting you through the stages by detailing various common health concerns that you may experience during, and after, pregnancy and the recommended oils and application methods. The sections are colour blocked for easy referencing.

This convenient tear pad contains 25 sheets, and is ideal for keeping your sheets together and in tip top condition for handing out to potential customers, guests at events or why not put together with other tear pad sheets when you introduce a new member of your team.

Contents: 25 sheet, double sided, tear pad




Essential Oils from Bump to Birth & Beyond Tear pad (25 sheets)

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