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Essential Oil Knowledge Series : The Basics & A-Z Guide (3rd Edition) is a beautifully designed mini guide capturing over 200+ natural remedies for common health conditions, with corresponding recommendations of essential oils and blends. Now featuring 2019/20 dōTERRA released essential oils. Also featured in the booklet is practical knowledge & use of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, some easy do-it-yourself recipes for emotional support, diffuser recipes and much more !

This mini guide is ideal for new & seasoned Essential Oil users alike! A perfect give away in classes or when you're sampling others to enable them to become more educated on a basic level as they start on their journey of education and empowerment.

The back cover contains space to details samples you may be gifting this guide with and how to use the essential oils you're sampling as well as space for your contact details.

Included in each booklet:

  • What are essential oils
  • Quality
  • How to use essential oils
  • Essential oil safety
  • Essential oil storage
  • Dilutions & ratios & guidelines
  • Carriers oils
  • Quick reference A-Z
  • Single essential oils A-Z
  • Blended essential oils A-Z
  • Emotions & essential oils
  • Emotional support blends
  • Diffuser blend-a-day recipes

    Contents: Each booklet contains 68 pages, available singular or bulk buy 




      Essential Oil Safety & Usage Guidelines Mini Tear pad (50 Sheets)

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