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Be prepared for emergencies with our handy Essential Oil Emergency Kit which contains all you need to set yourself up with a first aid essential oil kit at your fingertips - just add your chosen oils.

The case is made from neoprene, is lightweight, has a handy carabiner attached and comes with 3 x 5/8th dram amber roller bottles, 2 x 3ml fine misting clear spray bottles and 9 x 5/8th dram amber tap bottles which will all fit neatly inside, held in place by elastic straps.

Our kit also comes complete with a detailed multi-fold Essential Oil Emergency Kit brochure designed to fit neatly into the transparent pocket. This brochure, developed in conjunction with The Essential GP, contains the following:

  • Directions and recommendations of essential oils for many common ailments and conditions
  • Dilution ratio percentages
  • Dilution guidelines
  • Essential oil basics & safety information
  • Ailments include Antibacterial, Bones, Brain, Bruise, Burn, Clean, Cramps, Cut, Fever, Headache, Infection, Insect, Nausea, Rash, Repellant, Shock, Sick/ill, Sleep, Strain, Sun, Emotions : Calm & Happy.

Also included is 2 sheets of 35 cap stickers with all the above ailments and corresponding first choice oils/blends, for example "Sleep" also comes with a matching "Restful Blend" cap sticker. These are ideal for placing on the tops or sides of the bottles to identify the ailment or oil according to your choice. There's also 4 blank labels should you wish to customise the labels to suit your personal needs.

Case Features:

  • Key ring and carabiner
  • Zippered around 3 sides
  • Padded construction
  • Compact
  • Clear pocket on reverse

A perfect companion for on the go, in the car, handbag, gift, or why not give it away as an incentive gift!

Contents: Case, multifold brochure, 70 cap stickers, 3 x 5/8th dram amber roller bottles, 2 x 3ml fine misting clear spray bottles and 9 x 5/8th dram amber tap bottles.




Essential Oil Emergency Kit (with case, bottles, first aid brochure & cap stickers)

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