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Do you want to know the secret to creating a six-figure income? Do you want to know how to leverage time and move toward your goals? Do you want to empower your team but are not sure where to focus for significant results?

"Enrolling Leaders Who Enrol: The One Thing That Creates Amazing Results" explains how to do all this and more! This break-through booklet provides simple, direct solutions for maximising your efforts as a leader, achieving higher closing rates at events, creating clarity in your personal vision, and knowing you have all the tools for success.

"Enrolling Leaders Who Enrol addresses one of the most powerful concepts I have heard in a long time. So many people over-complicate everything they do; finding that "one thing" and staying focused on it makes a huge difference in your business and your life. I started implementing the advice in this book on a weekly basis and have many of my leaders doing the same with amazing results." ‰Katie Glasgow (Diamond)

Author Information:
Kelly King Anderson, Presidential Diamond Leader, loves to inspire others to create their dreams by faith, hard work, and solid strategy. Besides mentoring her own team, she has coached business women for several years in her award-winning organisation, Startup Princess. She has been a volunteer Entrepreneur in Residence at Brigham Young University‰, Hawaii and also leads the Creating with God project. Along with her husband and business partner, Matthew, and their 3 children, Kelly enjoys a flexible lifestyle of residual income and the blessed opportunity of working and serving where she chooses.

Quinn Curtis, Gold Leader, is a passionate brand strategist and marketing expert. She is the co-author and creative director of The Success System and is well-known for her creative vision and Midas touch. Quinn seeks to create a powerful, positive impact on the world for her husband, 5 children, and all within her circle of influence.

Contents : 1 Softcover book , 36 pages





Enrolling Leaders Who Enrol Booklet by Kelly King Anderson & Quinn Curtis

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