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After the success of Aromatic Anchoring, Melinda Brecheisen has partnered with Mindfulness expert Rachel Hawkes to bring you Aromatic Anchoring for Children.

This book will guide you on how to introduce mindfulness to children in an age appropriate way- empowering future generations to know how to manage their breathe and enjoy living in the moment. Teaching mindfulness to children is a tool they will use the rest of their lives and combining it with essential oils is the ultimate duo for connecting to our limbic brains and anchoring our emotions.

Aromatic Anchoring for Children teaches you 15 activities to do with children to teach breath work, mindfulness, and anchoring with essential oils.

From best selling author of Anchor to Your Strengths and Aromatic Anchoring Melinda J. Brecheisen.

Contents: 1 x 46 page booklet




Aromatic Anchoring for children by Melinda J Brecheisen & Rachel Hawkes

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